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10 Things You Don’t Know About Video Games | Benefits And Advantages

There’s no gain disputing the fact that the issue of video games has generated heat of arguments over the years regarding its probable cause in the life of its fanatics.

In fact, many online essay writing hubs like papercheap have written many white papers on the effects of video games in the life of their lovers and they arrived at particular conclusion and recommendations that pleases the ear.

Well, this is much the same way television faced similar criticisms during it prime time. To some, they think that adverse effects like addiction and other health consequences will definitely be the results of video games.

This may be hard to believe but trust me, video games are sincerely innocent of the majority of charges people levy against them.

However, the good news now is that there is wealth and abundant research that proves that video games phenomenal can be used to aid educational purposes and at the same time, facilitate therapy.

Also, plethora numbers of studies have emerged showing how playing or engaging in video games can improve hand-eye coordination plus reaction times.

Things You Didn’t Know About Playing Video Games

Be that as it may, this article adds to the long list of studies carried out by Papercheap on video games. But without further delay, the following are the bitter truth of what video game can do in the life of their fanatics.

Benefits of Video Games

1. It improves gamer behavioral thought.

One of the advantages that video gamer is open to is that they will improve their behavior, even without them knowing. They’ll be knowledgeable about demographic boundaries like educational attainment, gender, ethnicity, age, etc.

This behavioural knowledge will help them greatly in self-esteem, setting goals, and working towards achieving them, among other things.

This is a results of the fact that players wouldn’t just sit tight and watch; they are used to participating in the action as it evolves and solving problems, too.

2. Video Games Stimulate Learning

Video gamers’ interactivity also stimulates learning. This is one of the bitter truths that its nullifiers will never tell you. Findings show that it allows individuals to experience some challenges, novelty, and curiosity that enhance learning.

It unfolds with great gateways to foster transferable or extraordinary skills, activities, or practice like simulated operations.

If the video and computer games are used in the right direction, these two have the potential to stimulate, inspire and improve learning. In fact, they can help players in building their visual and coordination skills.

3. Video games as a means of therapy.

Research shows that video games can perfectly serve as a form of physiotherapy in a more innovative sense. What do you think of children that play video games after their chemo?

The video games can be so thrilling that, they can be used as a means of therapy; most children need video games more than painkillers. They derive pleasure from it, and as such, it slowly drives away their pain.

4. Video games can help people who are stressed or depressed.

Video games allow you to get lost in a world you can control, with no real problems or consequences.

A New York Times article highlighted a woman who used the game Bejeweled to cope with depression.

This does not apply to all video games, but certain games can induce a Zen-like state in which you can play without exertion or boredom.

5. Multitasking is taught in video games.

You may be controlling multiple characters in The Sims game at the same time. To get the best results in the game, you must figure out how to coordinate your actions.

This ability can be applied to tasks such as driving a car, dealing with distractions inside the vehicle, and keeping track of the vehicles around you.

6. If your surgeon regularly plays video games, they may perform better.

Have you ever seen the TV show Scrubs? The main character and his surgeon friend frequently engage in seemingly adolescent activities, one of which is video games.

Because of the improved hand-eye coordination provided by these electronic games, this fictitious surgeon was likely more skilled at laparoscopic surgery.

7. Video games have the potential to improve vision.

Did your mother warn you not to spend too much time staring at your computer screen? Okay, she was correct that your eyes need a break now and then. Still, a psychologist conducted a study that may prove that video demonstration games involving aiming and shooting at objects enhance declining vision.

8. Teamwork can be taught and enforced through video games.

A wide range of video games has been developed in which a group of people (whether in your living room or another state) collaborate to achieve a common goal.

9. Video games can help you improve your manual dexterity.

Controller-based games can be very beneficial to your hands. Researchers discovered that those who engaged in video games were faster at the characteristic of effective processes and made 37 percent fewer errors than those who did not.

Unique video games have also been employed in physical therapy to assist stroke patients in regaining control of their hands and wrists.

10. Video games can increase the gray matter in your brain.

Gaming is a mental workout disguised as entertainment. According to research, playing computer games regularly may increase gray matter in the brain and improve brain connectivity. (Gray matter is linked to motor control, memories, perception, and spatial navigation.)

Things You Didn't Know About Playing Video Games

11. Gamers may have superior social abilities.

The typical gamer does not fit the stereotype of a shy person who uses video games to escape.

Previous research on children found that those who played so many video games were much more likely to have good social skills, perform much better academically, and form better connections with other students because some games have an interactive and collaborative component.

12. Games can teach you how to solve problems more effectively.

Open-world, quest, and multi-level games are built to be complex puzzles that take hours to solve. The solution occasionally changes depending on your actions in the game.

Learning to strategize and think on your feet in a fast-paced fantasy environment is a skill that can be transferred to the real world.

One long-term study published in 2013 found that children who played strategy-based games improved their problem-solving skills and, as a result, tended to get better grades the following school year.

13. As a gamer, you can become more physically active.

Most major consoles now include technology that allows gamers to get off the living room sofa and onto their feet. VR gaming’s future will take things to an entirely new level.

Mobile game developers have also begun to develop games played all over physical space, basing them on real-world location data and encouraging gamers to resettle in efforts to progress in the virtual world.

14. They’re a fun way to trick yourself into learning.

There are video games for almost everything. Developers recognized early on that simulation games could be utilized to improve mathematics and reading skills.

There are now games that integrate world history, cooking, diplomacy, chemistry, architectural style, and other subjects you may not have learned in school.

15. Video games can motivate you to persevere.

When it comes to simulation games, you either win or keep trying, learning from your mistakes as you go until you reach the goal.

As a result, some educators and researchers argue that video games can teach people to become more confident and to work toward their goals, with each misstep viewed as a new learning opportunity.


Many people dismiss video games as uneducated or the domain of couch potatoes, but did you know that many familiar elements of these simulated worlds can provide real-world benefits?

The above discussed are some of the advantages of video games for both children and adults.

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