Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Global Security

Are you in dire need of the list of the best paying jobs in global security? if so, read on as this publication will explicitly highlight the available jobs in global security of good salary.

Ideally, the highest-paying security jobs require valuable skills and are at the crossroads of computer science and security.

The security industry, like computer programming, is one of those fields where what you can do is much more important than who you know or what qualifications you have.

Experience in security is the best way to get high-paying security jobs.

Even people with a criminal record have been able to get decent-paying jobs in security because they have a proven track record of expertise in security issues – albeit on the wrong side of the law. Of course, we do not advise going that route.

Military service is one of the best ways to break into the security field. Everyone in the military receives some security training, including those who work at desks or running shops.

Most employers value military experience and will be proud to have you on their team, particularly in the security department.

Of course, military experience is not the only way to land a high-paying security position. There are numerous civilian security training programs available.

At all skill levels, high-quality security training is available. You can earn an AA, BA, or MA in various security fields, and any of these degrees would make you a valuable asset to many organizations.

What does it take to begin a career in security administration or management?

Administration or management security positions are the way to go if you’re just starting in the security field and want to eventually move on to some of the best security jobs.

These are, however, high-level positions that will necessitate more than just a talent for security and a desire to work in this field.

The best place to begin may be to seek employment in an entry-level security position or to serve a term in one of the armed forces.

Those who progress in the security industry typically start in one of these two places. A police job may be in order after a two to a four-year stint in the military.

These are the most common methods for progressing in security. Those who accept and keep low-level jobs rarely advance much beyond them.

Does cybersecurity pay better than other security jobs?

The highest-paying jobs in the physical security industry are extremely well-paid. However, they require a significant amount of experience and expertise to obtain.

According to, the average annual salary for a cyber security job ranges from $54,000 to $116,000.

That’s about $30,000 more per year than the average salary for a regular security position. The highest-paying jobs in cyber security are highly specialized and may necessitate extensive networking.

And of course, the highest-paying physical security job would be working as a personal bodyguard for a powerful executive or billionaire.

These are unquestionably the best security jobs, and they pay far more than any IT professional will ever make. However, these jobs are so scarce that they are virtually nonexistent.

In the end, higher-level cyber security jobs are much more in demand and a much more realistic way to earn $100,000 or more per year.

The best job in cyber security may be equally elusive. Still, unlike physical security, you are far less likely to “age out” of the profession before it becomes available to you.

best paying jobs in global security

How can I work in International security?

Getting a job in another country requires effort, determination, and talent—and having contacts doesn’t hurt. When it comes to finding international security jobs, however, the task is a little more complicated.

First and foremost, you will require qualifications. This requirement may be satisfied by the military experience, a degree, or practical experience that you can demonstrate.

Second, you must select a location. Make it a place you enjoy visiting and/or where your native language is widely spoken.

Third, travel around the country and get to know the people. Make the time and effort to network and connect with others.

Then, proceed with your job search as usual. Examine the local markets and apply where and when possible. Create a localized resume and apply for a foreign transfer.

Finally, ensure that you have met all the legal requirements for staying in the foreign country where you wish to work.

Remember that security jobs may come with additional rules that you must follow. Investing time in researching international security jobs online may be an excellent start before putting yourself out there.

Top Paying Jobs in Global Security

It’s difficult to say how much security professionals can earn because pay varies by location. Other factors, such as years of experience, connections, and specialized skills, can make a significant difference.

The jobs ranked by Security Degree Hub, on the other hand, are listed in order of average salary based on various sources, including Glassdoor and Payscale.

1. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

The position of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is one of the highest-paying security jobs. These professionals are responsible for developing and implementing an organization’s cyber security plans and policies.

They are responsible for reducing and mitigating potential risks to an information technology framework, data, assets, and hardware.

The CISO is in charge of:

  • Existing cyber security policies are being audited and reviewed.
  • In charge of IT and cyber security personnel
  • Creating and improving a new cyber security policy
  • Recruiting an IT team
  • Maintaining advanced knowledge of existing and emerging cyber security threats.
  • Financial reporting preparation

A bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, Management Information Systems, or IT Management and Project Management is the minimum educational level for a CISO.

Candidates with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree may also be required for an executive-level position.

A CISO can expect to earn between $154,000 and $380,000 per year, with a median salary of $249,000.

Salary: $249,000 on average

best paying jobs in global security

2. Security Architect

A Security Architect (SA) is also one of the best paying jobs in global security. An SA creates, builds, tests, and deploys security systems on a network.

A SA must understand IT systems, the most recent security systems, standards, authorization protocols, and security best practices.

A Security Architect’s responsibilities include the following:

  • System testing regularly and network security monitoring
  • Creating timetables for ongoing system upgrades and associated projects
  • Creating and presenting comprehensive briefs on new and existing programs, as well as potential and appropriate responses
  • Creating emergency response protocols and carrying out security breach drills
  • Providing appropriate personnel with system access
  • Responding quickly to all security incidents and providing post-event debriefs
  • Examining current security measures, recommending and implementing enhancements and upgrades

As a senior cyber security position holder, an SA should be prepared to consult with and deliver presentations to the organization’s management and executives on an as-needed basis.

Average Salary: $124,600

3. Risk Manager

A risk manager’s (RM’s) job is to work with clients to identify and assess any potential risks to the company that could jeopardize its safety, reputation, security, property, or financial well-being.

After all potential risks have been identified and evaluated, the RM must develop and implement processes to mitigate them. This is one of the highest-paying security jobs in the industry.

The RM’s job as a consultant is to create detailed risk assessment information. This data should be used to create processes for dealing with newly discovered risks.

In most cases, these processes should be ones that the client company can implement without the RM’s constant presence.

Ideally, an RM should develop close relationships with clients so that intimate knowledge of the client company’s particular risk profile becomes second nature.

RMs will attend meetings, deliver presentations, and report to senior staff members.

Average Salary: $101,404

4. System, Network, and web penetration tester

A Systems, Network, and/or Web Penetration Tester, or “PenTester,” is a network security analyst who tries to break into and find adventures in computer systems and software.

It is one of the most desirable and highest-paying security jobs. They are classified as a type of ethical or “white hat” hacker.

They are expected to conduct numerous tests to gain network penetration. The PenTester will then complete an assessment report on the vulnerabilities discovered.

They will frequently run pre-defined test types but also design their tests. A penetration tester’s job requires a lot of creativity, imagination, and determination, as well as a lot of technical knowledge.

A penetration tester must have a thorough understanding of existing systems. They must also commit to staying current on new and upcoming systems to deliver usable vulnerability reports by exploiting real vulnerabilities.

The average salary is $83,137.

5. Network Security Engineer

best paying jobs in global security

A Network Security Engineer (NSE), an IT and Software Engineer, is one of the highest-paying security positions.

An NSE is in charge of maintaining the computer hardware and software that comprise a computer network.

Also, an NSE is responsible for the overall network’s health, server use and implementation, and security. The NSE is responsible for ensuring that network connectivity adheres to the parameters established by the organization’s IT network management.

NSE duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • Computers, devices, networking equipment, and operating systems must be installed, configured, and maintained.
  • Network design, security, and, most importantly, troubleshooting issues
  • Securing IT infrastructure to deliver measurable, dependable, consistent, and secure networking services
  • Cyber attack deterrence and prevention
  • Security breaches, intrusion prevention, network traffic analysis, and encryption
  • Keeping an authorization infrastructure and network backup systems in place
  • Upkeep of network infrastructure, devices, drivers, and device settings
  • Upkeep of network servers, file servers, VPNs, and intrusion detection systems.

The average salary is $82,760.

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6. Network security administrator

A Network Security Administrator (NSA) is one of the best paying jobs in global security positions. An NSA is an IT professional in charge of maintaining the computer hardware and software that comprise a computer network, as well as dealing with cybersecurity issues.

The NSA primarily concerns network health, server deployment, and security measure implementation.

The NSA ensures that network connectivity meets the needs of the organization and is per network administrators’ technical parameters.

The duties of an NSA include:

  • Installation, configuration, and maintenance of computers, equipment, and software
  • Network design and security, troubleshooting and debugging network problems
  • Maintenance of system authorization infrastructure and backup systems
  • Assigning IP addresses to devices
  • Introducing and incorporating new equipment
  • Performing corrective/preventative measures on existing devices
  • Maintenance of file servers, gateways, attack detection systems, etc.
  • Patching systems and locking down systems when necessary

An NSA can expect to earn between $63,000 and $90,000 annually.

Average Salary: $76,500

7. Cyber crime investigator

A CCI will use specialized expertise to gather evidence from digital assets and resources that can be used in court to prosecute or defend a suspect.

A CCI may also be summoned by a court to provide expert testimony that a judge or jury can use to develop and deliver decisions.

One of the highest-paying security jobs is a cybercrime investigator (CCI) or computer crime investigator.

These professionals investigate crimes and potential crimes ranging from recovering hacked, intentionally corrupted, or stolen file systems to investigating crimes committed against children using a computerized device or recorded and stored digitally.

A CCI’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Investigating computer system crimes
  • Consult with customers, bosses, and managers.
  • Increasing forensic abilities through research and training
  • accumulating evidence and information
  • Improving the performance of computer systems
  • Expert report preparation
  • Data recovery
  • Giving testimony in court
  • IT-related training for law enforcement
  • A CCI can expect to earn $50,000 to $100,000 per year.

Average annual salary: $75,000

8. Information security analyst

One of today’s best paying jobs in global security industry is Information Security Analyst (ISA), who implements measures to protect computer networks, information, and assets.

An ISA may also be expected to upgrade existing measures, draft and revise new measures as needed, and oversee the review and revision of all measures and policies.

An ISA may be expected to ensure that appropriate security controls are in place and protect digital files and mission-critical data infrastructure.

These individuals must be prepared to respond to cyber attacks, security breaches, and malware.

An ISA’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Educating users and raising security awareness
  • Making plans to protect computer files
  • Meeting with users to discuss data access requirements, security breaches, and programming changes.
  • Keeping track of computer virus reports
  • Changing access statuses or incorporating new software into security files
  • Coordinating the implementation of computer system plans with personnel and vendors
  • Controlling and monitoring the use of data files

Salary: $71,309 on average

9. Security analyst

One of the highest-paying security jobs is a Security Analyst (SA), who is responsible for keeping an organization’s mission-critical and proprietary information safe, secure, and intact.

These professionals collaborate with various departments within an organization to develop and implement specific security measures and procedures.

A SA ensures that the company’s information technology assets are adequately safeguarded against unauthorized access.

Do this, and the SA will collaborate with physical devices and software to develop a comprehensive IT security system or plan.

If an attack occurs, whether directed at physical assets or hacking, the SA will be the primary professional responsible for developing and implementing an appropriate and effective response.

A SA’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Conducting security assessments through vulnerability testing and risk assessment
  • Security access monitoring
  • Internal and external security auditing
  • Verifying the security of third-party vendors

    $67,419 is the average salary.

10. Security manager

A Security Manager (SM) oversees a client organization’s security assets and security functions, such as physical asset security and the safety of guests, customers, employees, facilities, and assets, and is easily one of the best paying jobs in global security field.

  • A SA supervises security personnel and is in charge of the use, functionality, and operation of security tools and devices.
  • A security manager can assign security staff patrol routes and ensure that patrol routes and procedures are followed.
  • An SM is responsible for writing and/or reviewing security-related documents such as reports, tactical and strategic initiatives, and proposals.
  • They are also in charge of supervising and disciplining security personnel and personnel.

Security Managers make between $42,000 and $68,000 per year on average.

$55,000 is the average salary.

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