Best place to sit at a concert for a clearer view and fantastic sound (2023)

Best place to sit at a concert
Anxious audience waiting for the curtains to open to see the performance at the theater
Best place to sit at a concert

Best place to sit at a concert

Your favorite singer or band is finally coming to town, so you search for tickets online. There’s only one problem: you’re not sure where to sit to hear everything as it should be heard.

Thus, this brings us to the list of the best place to sit at a arena concert.

Managers of music arenas, halls, and theaters frequently boast that their venues have no bad seats. In reality, some seats are better than others in terms of hearing the music, singing, and talking. Knowing where to sit at a concert can significantly enhance your experience.

Whether you like rock, country, electronic, or folk music, there’s something special about seeing some of your favorite artists perform live.

There are thousands of fans in an arena who are enthralled by the music being performed. There are no lead changes, injuries, or intense moments, as there are in sports, but there is an energy and enthusiasm that creates one of my favorite atmospheres.

Where is the best place to sit at a concert for sound and view

When attending a live concert, musical, or opera, high-quality sound can be one of the most critical factors for a music lover. Here’s our road map to the best place to sit at a concert.

1. The Floor

Concert Floor

The Floor is ideal for die-hard fans, being close to the artist(s), and making the best memories hence, making it one of the best places to sit at a concert.

There will almost always be a floor section, regardless of who performs. The floor is typically where a hockey or basketball game would be played during a sporting event.

The area is transformed into seating during a concert. Because this is not a permanent structure of the venue, it is also the most adaptable and changes depending on the performer.

Most standard concerts will have the stage at one end of the floor, with seats filling the rest of the space. The floor sections are reserved for the artist’s most ardent fans, who want to be as close to the artist as possible.

They are also among the most expensive seats for this reason. Be cautious when purchasing floor seats if you are on the shorter side.

There is no elevation on the floor, so as the rows get further back, more fans will compete for sight lines.

The floor will have general admission sections closest to the stage for many pops, heavy rock, and country artists.

These sections will not have seats and are intended for fans to stand in while dancing, jumping, and enjoying the concert.

While this liberty is admirable, it is not for everyone. If you purchase a general admission ticket on the floor, arrive early for the best views. Also, expect to be very close to other fans because these sections can be crowded.

Similarly, some concerts will not have seats on the floor, instead leaving the area open as a general section.

This configuration allows ticket holders to stand wherever they want in the section, giving them control over the distance and angle to the stage.

While this is a significant benefit, fans with GA Floor tickets should be prepared to stand for the show’s duration.

2. Front and Center Is More suitable for Sight Than Sound

A seat from the stage will provide a great view, but the sound will be subpar. Speakers are usually placed on the side of the stage, facing the center of the venue. This is similar to the best place to sit in a theatre.

The best sound will come from behind you if you’re in the front. You will hear music, but it will be distorted.

Essence, sitting at the front or center doesn’t guarantee the best experience but it is definitely one of the best places to sit at a arena concert.

3. Sounds Bounce in the Back of the Room

Those cheap back-of-the-arena tickets may sound appealing to your wallet. Unfortunately, the back row of a concert is not the best place to stand.

When you’re too far from the stage, the sounds you hear have plenty of time to bounce around. They reverberate off of walls, ceilings, and even people.

People with cheap back-row tickets frequently complain that all they hear is noise. You’ll need to stretch your budget further and choose more expensive seats for more precise sound.

4. Runways and B-Stages

Many artists will travel with a custom stage set up and taken down every night of the show to be closer to their fans.

This can take the form of a runway leading to the center of the floor or an entirely separate stage located elsewhere on the floor.

These distinct stages are called “B-Stages” and “Runways.” They are typically found on the opposite end of the floor.

Performers use these stages to get closer to the fans on the other side of the arena and play a couple of songs to give them memorable experiences.

While most of the concert will still take place on the main stage, sometimes having a couple of songs right in front of you is all you need for those close-up memories while saving money on the ticket price.

If floor seats or lower-level sections near the stage are out of your price range, look for sections near the secondary stage, it’s obviously one of the best place to sit at a concert.

5. Sound Quality Is Low By the Speakers

Many young people find standing next to massive concert speakers exciting. It can be exciting to feel the sound waves. However, the closer you are to a single speaker, the less balance you will hear from the sound.

It also goes without saying that when you’re almost hugging a speaker, you’re endangering your hearing. Resist the urge to take a seat too close to a speaker.

Best place to sit at a arena concert

Without any prejudice, the following are the ideal and best place to sit in a concert.

6. The Sweet Spot Is Almost in the Middle

As you look through the available seats at your preferred music venue, try to figure out where the middle is. After that, choose seats to the left or right of that area.

Speakers are typically positioned in the center of most venues, mainly indoor facilities such as concert halls.

Use your best judgment if you’re going to an outdoor concert at an open-ceiling arena or a long, runway-style venue.

When you reach the center-left or center-right, the sound can travel to you without encountering many obstacles. The stage in the center of the floor section is referred to as the center stage.

Famous artists will frequently set up their stage in the center of the floor and sell tickets in every arena section to allow as many people as possible to attend the concert.

Many people are perplexed because they are unsure which way the artist will perform and are concerned about being left out of the action.

Typically, for center stage shows, the artists try to perform on all sides of the stage. The show can sometimes be creative, even including a rotating stage to ensure that all arena areas are treated equally.

7. Behind the Stage

Seats on the side or behind the stage are available for some performances. These are frequently associated with limited or obstructed views of the stage.

The advantage of these seats is that you can often get very close to the stage for much less money. There are, however, several reasons for this.

To begin, the artists on stage will perform in the opposite direction from where most of the audience is seated.

The most common complaint from fans sitting in this location is that they felt disconnected from the show, which is why it is less expensive.

There’s also a chance that the artist will have a stage set up with screens, instruments, or props, making it difficult for fans on the side or behind the stage to see.

To compensate for this, video screens are typically placed for the fans, creating a different atmosphere than the production’s intention.

If you’re concerned about being entirely ignored in these seats, rest assured that performers usually make every effort to include everyone in the audience.

They usually come around during a song and pay attention to the fans behind the stage. If you only need to see a song or two up close and personal, these could be the ideal solution without breaking the bank.

Billy Joel’s residency shows at Madison Square Garden are one of the most popular shows that always have behind-the-scenes seating.

8. Head on Views

Without doubt, the Head on Views is also one of the best place to sit at a concert to enjoy the whole show without sound or vision obstruction issue.

If proximity isn’t a priority, some fans prefer a front-row seat on the stage. A head-on view means that your seats will face the stage direction, and you will not have to turn your head or body to see the performance.

Because most arenas are designed for sporting events, most side sections will require you to adjust your position to see the stage. If you want to avoid this, you can use our website’s filter to find seats marked “Head-on.”

It is most important to have fun and enjoy the music regardless of where you sit or who you see. Because most artists only appear every couple of years, it is critical to plan ahead of time for the best of the night.

Every concert is unique, and each artist has a distinct way of connecting with their audience. While the above locations will work for most arenas, they will not always work for every show.

Some artists will perform on flying stages, while others will interact with the audience via cell phones. There is only one thing that matters no matter where you sit. HAVE A GOOD TIME!

9. At Home, Recreate the Big Concert Excitement

You won’t be able to attend every show. However, using the proper sound and audio equipment, you can always have the best concert seating at home.

Consider how soundproofing and noise reduction materials can help you get the best sound quality from the comfort of your own home as you design your personal entertainment space.

Conclusion: Best place to sit at a concert

By now, it is believed that your problem with the best place to sit at a concert for high-quality sound and incredible views has been solved.

Hence, it is up to you to choose your most preferred out of the top nine places to sit at a concert we mentioned above.

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