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It’s so unfortunate and pitiful when people tends to set up business that are meant to be everlasting but late turns to be ephemeral businesses. These are researched to be on account of ignorance or inadequate research on the lucrative business ideas and opportunities that are trending. 

Unfortunately, people tends to believe that setting up a business in a state like Connecticut can be as hard and risky as hell, whereas, that isn’t the problem; the problem is which business would you capitalize on? it is very simple more than you dream. Although, you can think it’s not, but I can guarantee you that after catching a sight of this business ideas in Connecticut, you will surely be convinced.

It depends on the kind of business you want to dive into, you can venture into any, albeit, it also depends on the materials, amount or talent you have at hand. But I will segment this write-up into small and large scale business that this will serve as a torch to setting up your own business in the Southern part of United State of America; the state of Hartford, Connecticut. 

1. Real estate

Talking about business ideas in Connecticut, the first thing that would strike the mind is real estate business this is as a result of the vast development that the state is experiencing this days. According to the America bureau of statistics; the whooping amount of money real estate are generating is jaw dropping, even the US Census bureau attest to this by stating that the real estate industries has 15% impact in contributing to the economic progress of the country.

So, to get started as a real estate in Connecticut, you need to go for the necessary paper documentation and accure the required license, having done this, you are good to go as a real estate in the state of Connecticut.

2. Dry cleaning service

This is a priceless business idea and opportunity you shouldn’t loss in Connecticut if you ain’t that financially strong to capitalize on large scale project. This business idea would generate and fetch you money, plus makes life easier, simpler and comfortable for you.

Here, you don’t need any exceptional equipment or tools, special apartment and certificate to get started. When you have your home there to get all the work done . With a banner with the inscription of “Laudry service is here ” you are fit and ready to go. 

This business idea required zero capital to start, and you feed yourself and your family with the money you will be generating from the business. Isn’t this lucrative and profitable? Of course yes, Instead of sitting down idle doing nothing why don’t you start this business for the now.

3. Agriculture

This business idea in Connecticut could be tagged as a large, medium or Small scale business base on the  level of your capabilities and abilities to handle it both economically and energetically, though. This is another great business idea in Connecticut that should never be over emphasized. To venture into agriculture as a business in Connecticut, you would need to defined your niche or area to specialized on.

Areas like poultry rearing, diary production, catfish and/or shellfish business, oyster farming, tobacco and fruit are the profitable, reliable, comfortable and successful agriculture based business ideas in Connecticut that you can capitalize on and build a financial freedom for yourself.

4. Sales of equipment

Definitely yes, sales of equipment is another business idea and opportunity that you can kickstart on your own in the state of Connecticut and earn steady income with little or no problem at all. Manufacturing has the third biggest economy in Connecticut which means starting a business of sales of varieties of manufacturing equipment in Connecticut is a surefire business idea.

You have the constructions equipment there, electrician, plumbing, boat manufacturing, Helicopter and other aerospace equipment or parts, and other vocational tools are all there for you to venture into in Connecticut. Try this and you shall see the magic. 

5.  Hotel, recreation and casino business

This is another large scale business idea in Connecticut. A result reported on culture and tourism in Connecticut in the year 2006 suggested that the area of film, art, culture and tourism generate $14 billion to the economic activities and  $9 billion as a personal income, 170,000 labour force and so on; this means that heterogeneous mass audience do visit Connecticut on a daily basis maybe to film, for excursion, holiday and what have you. So if you endeavor to set up a well furnished hotel and suits, recreation and casino center in Connecticut; you wouldn’t regret capitalizing on such project.

You don’t need to be an expert before you could do this, all you are required to do is to get an experience real estate to get you a nice and commercial location to set up the business, plus an expert in hospitality management who is very versatile in term of hotel and suits management, casino upbringing and recreational centre; with this people and permission from the government through acquisition of the required paperwork and license, my dear you are good to go.

However, Procrastination they say, a thief of the business,  pick one up now  and break the jinx of financial dependent to financial freedom. 

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