Everlasting Serenade: A Love’s Eternal Song

“Everlasting Serenade: A Love’s Eternal Song”In the realm where stars ignite, Where moonbeams paint the canvas night, I pen these words, my heart’s decree, A love poem, my soul set free.Oh, beloved, you are my sun, With radiance that’s never done, Your smile, a beacon, warm and bright, Guiding me through darkest night.In your embrace, my spirit soars, A symphony of love’s encore, With every touch, a gentle fire, Ignites within, a pure desire.Your eyes, like pools of endless depth, Hold secrets whispered, never kept, They speak of dreams, of hopes untold, A love story, forever unfold.Your voice, a melody divine, Echoes through this heart of mine, Each word, a soothing lullaby, That silences the world’s harsh cry.In moments shared, our souls unite, Two hearts entwined, love’s sacred rite, Through laughter’s dance and tears we’ve shed, Our bond grows stronger, never to be led.For you, my love, I’d cross all seas, Climb mountains high, defy degrees, In your presence, I find my peace, A sanctuary where worries cease.So let this poem be my vow, To love you fiercely, here and now, Forever bound, our spirits blend, In this eternal love we defend.Beloved, you are my heart’s refrain, The rhythm flowing in my veins, With every beat, I’m yours to hold, A love story that shall never grow old.

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