Femme Africa ‘In Her Bag’ Business Fund for Entrepreneurs (Up to four million) 2023

The Femme Africa ‘In Her Bag’ Business Fund is an initiative designed to support and empower female entrepreneurs in Nigeria by providing them with financial assistance and business development training. The program aims to foster the growth of women-owned businesses and contribute to the economic empowerment of women in the country.


To be eligible for the Femme Africa ‘In Her Bag’ Business Fund, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a female entrepreneur of Nigerian nationality or origin.
  • Own and operate a registered small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) in Nigeria.
  • Have been in business for at least one year.
  • Demonstrate a strong business proposal with clear growth potential.
  • Be committed to attending the business development training program.


The Femme Africa ‘In Her Bag’ Business Fund provides grants of up to four million Nigerian naira (NGN) to selected entrepreneurs. The funding can be used for various business purposes, such as:

  • Purchasing equipment and inventory.
  • Expanding into new markets.
  • Enhancing marketing and branding efforts.
  • Hiring additional staff.

Business Development Training

In addition to financial assistance, selected entrepreneurs will participate in a comprehensive business development training program. The program will cover various aspects of business management, including:

  • Financial management.
  • Marketing and sales strategies.
  • Business planning and development.
  • Leadership and team building.
  • Access to finance and investment opportunities.

Application Process

The application process for the Femme Africa ‘In Her Bag’ Business Fund typically opens in October each year. Interested applicants can submit their applications online through the Femme Africa website. The application process involves submitting the following documents:

  • Completed online application form.
  • Business proposal outlining the applicant’s business concept, financial projections, and growth strategy.
  • Company registration documents.
  • Two letters of recommendation from business associates or mentors.
  • Personal statement highlighting the applicant’s entrepreneurial journey, motivations, and commitment to the business.

Selection Process

Applications are rigorously reviewed by a selection committee based on the following criteria:

  • Viability and potential of the business proposal.
  • Entrepreneurial experience and skills of the applicant.
  • Financial need and impact of the grant.
  • Commitment to attending the business development training program.

Notification of Results

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their applications within a few months of the application deadline. Selected entrepreneurs will receive an official acceptance letter and invitation to join the Femme Africa ‘In Her Bag’ Business Fund program.

Benefits of Femme Africa ‘In Her Bag’ Business Fund

The Femme Africa ‘In Her Bag’ Business Fund offers numerous benefits to selected entrepreneurs, including:

  • Financial support to cover business expenses and facilitate growth.
  • Access to business development training and mentorship.
  • Networking opportunities with other female entrepreneurs and industry experts.
  • Increased visibility and recognition for their businesses.
  • Potential for enhanced business performance and long-term success.


The Femme Africa ‘In Her Bag’ Business Fund plays a crucial role in supporting and empowering female entrepreneurs in Nigeria, providing them with the resources and guidance they need to succeed in their business ventures. By fostering the growth of women-owned businesses, the program contributes to economic empowerment, social inclusion, and sustainable development in the country.

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