“I Can’t Make it, There are Too Many Bloggers!”

I was free last week so I decided to catch up with a old friend since I’m through with the bunch of articles in my care. Since it’s obvious that freelance writers like myself don’t have much time for fun, I hit the nail on the head for him and went straight to the point.

“I’m ready to guide you through, why don’t you go into blogging friend?” I inquired, but I was disappointed with his response. He told me that “there are too many bloggers, I can’t make it there.” I paused for a while then I began to enlighten him on what he knew not…

So, today I have this message for you..

I am an online entrepreneur but most people call me online business evangelist because I advocate for going online for businesses way too much. 

Nothing good they said, come easy but a lot of people have this believe that immediately the go online for business it should just lead to big bite for them.

Since they failed to understand that it’s not something they can do and make it in a day, with such notion,they will remain paralyzed.

The “get rich quick” syndrome is really affecting them, that’s why they failed to realize that blogging is a REAL work – like any other kind of business.

For reason(s) best known to them, they choose to be in a state of mental paralysis with their notion that “there are too many bloggers” and they can’t not make way there.

Ater I tried to tells him what he knew not about blogging, he asked me another question that “why do most bloggers fail then?” and I replied him that most of them failed because they knew nothing about blogging.

They are not creative enough to be one, they don’t have passion for the work and they’re not ready to learn from those that will lead them through.

They want to get rich quick with blogging but they are not ready to pay people like me who can furnish their blog with mouthwatering articles that are unique, value driven and SEO friendly which will drives in huge traffics into their advantage.

Why wouldn’t they fail?

I also preached him that in this business the only thin line between the successful one and those that fail is ACTION.

I’m telling you, the webmasters with good financial record online had some point in time, had their own share of failures, too.

It’s just a trick, it isn’t magic.

If you are one of those bloggers that are not making it real, why don’t you business with us? We can generate you articles that will drives in huge traffics into your advantage.

Forget about huge price, we have a discount rate we offer new client like you, partner with us in Black Ink Media and see your blog in flying colours.

We value you!

Soliu Jamiu I.
For Black ink media.

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