Lost Echoes of Longing

Lost Echoes of Longing

In the realm of fading embers, 

Where nostalgia’s veiled lament stirs, 

A visage aged by Time’s decree, 

Bespoke a tale of yearning free.

An ancient soul, now set to roam, 

Whispered secrets of love’s sweet foam, 

Yet hidden deep, these fragile lines, 

In cryptic script, our bond entwines.

Oh, how I missed his spectral grace, 

As memories, elusive, chase, 

Through corridors of whispered sighs, 

Where truth and veils entangled lies.

In stardust trails of sepia hue, 

He weaves a tapestry, askew, 

Through cryptic signs and tangled words, 

The song of longing faintly heard.

Within the folds of enigmatic phrase, 

Concealed the ache of love’s malaise, 

A symphony of whispers blend, 

As echoes of his touch descend.

In fragments etched with cryptic might, 

I trace the echoes of our flight, 

Through tempests past and moonlit groves, 

Where secrets dwell, in shadows wove.

Yet, as the riddles intertwine, 

Their meaning, elusive, undefined, 

My yearning heart, it beats, it grieves, 

For clarity my soul retrieves.

Oh, old one, lost to timeless mist, 

In your enigma, I am adrift, 

And in the cipher of your name, 

Forever echoes love’s refrain.

So let these lines, in their disguise, 

Stand as a tribute, veiled and wise, 

For though the meaning may evade, 

Our love remains, though time has frayed.

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