Today, I read one inspirational book titled “The Billionaire Mindset” and I learnt that this world of ours is build on competition.

Every living thing competes for a specific or certain resource that’s needed for growth, development, thrive and to outperform the other in the habitat.

As human being, we were compelled to perform in this competition, either consciously or subconsciously. It’s in our blood, it revolves round our veins and every business owner is bound to embrace this.

I also learnt from the book that some people see competition as an unpleasant and undesirable trait but that is because they see it as a black and white issue.

 But the truth is that, in reality; competition is neither white nor black issue but rather a genuine force to a positive change.

Be as it may, in business world, competition is the lifeblood of the marketplace, it drives in innovation, creativity and build and improve a new paradigm.

Be enlightened that as an entrepreneur, you are in the game to win the game, hence, never shy away from competition in the business realm and so are your competitors.

Through competition, you drive to the other the zeal to produce a better product.

Let’s take this life scenario as an example. Cristiano Ronaldo scored 30 La liga goals in his first season at Madrid. This motivates Lionel Messi and drives the zeal to perform better than his new competitor the following season where he bagged 40 goals.

These two players were the greatest during their prime, and it’s all thanks to the natural competitive nature of the game which they didn’t shy away from.

They see the challenge, and they embraced it with passion.

So challenge yourself and challenge your competitors, doing so will give you the live to thrive and survive.

The successful business owners know that healthy and honest challenge is the motive and propelling force behind innovation.

Therefore, as a business owner or wannabe entrepreneur, always have it at the apex of your mind that competition is the heart of any successful business.

Never run away from it, face it, tackle it and it shall be an eye opener for your business success.

I value you!

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