The life of freelancers is not all that
bloom and never is it all gloom. Imagine a long, stressful and sunny day that
melts into the cool evening on your desktop without notice, isolation just to
keep off friends distraction, annoyance of some clients with unreasonable
demands coupled with the notion that they can generate a nice content better
than you do are just the shabby aspects of freelancing, but the end products is
Are you a writer and seriously looking for
work to pay off bills? Are you passionate about writing but don’t know where to
start? Are you wondering what your life will look like if you become a
freelance writer? Whatever the problem may be, this article is surely an
antidote to them all. Feel free to read on while you put on your entrepreneurs
coat cum the freelance-hat and follow me explore as I unravel to you how you
can make a comfortable living as a freelancer.
And Im so sure to the moon and back that
you’ve heard and read something of this nature countless number of time and you
may probably may have tried some tricks but they are less positive. That’s why
I would, with enthusiasm, tells you, for when the time calls for– my story on
how I landed my first client as a freelance writer who dish out loads of topics
to me and pay me up at the end or middle of the week. Of course, I received my
paychecks weekly while still in college. Cool, right? The life of a freelancer
has been just amazing why don’t you just transform your passion for writing
into the business and enjoy the scintillating life of a freelancer.
Conversely, Webmasters and bloggers are out
there looking for you to furnish there web and blog with SEO friendly and
plagiarism-free contents. What I’m trying to enunciate is that, countless gigs
are out there, so wave that unnecessary excuse off your list. Though, I’m not
giving you the guarantees that you will pitch a client, with ease, who will
give you a chance, or that your first client will retain his loyalty
immediately after the first hour… No! And that is the only danger parading
the freelance writing job, but immediately you paddle through the hustle and
tussle of landing a client, of course, you will be the happiest creature on
earth seeing your articles published, touching lives, and dropping some
stipends in your pocket. (This is just the truth, I was overwhelmed also seeing
my first article published).
Now, as a wannabe freelance writer, tell me
in the comment box below what your grind’o clock time is? As far as I’m concerned,
my grind’o clock is late in the night after when I’m done with all my school
works (remember I’m a student). Something around 1pm…
Don’t you sleep? do you just ask me that? Sure,
I do sleep. Isn’t four hours enough for resting after the day activities?
If you will like to break the boredom and become
financial freedom, taking up a freelance work is an option for you, irrespective
of where you work. I told you earlier, I’m a student and I still generate over
20+ articles of nothing less than 800+ words for my clients every month. No laptop
or desktop to do the writing, by his mercy, I used to make judicious use of my
smartphone to accomplish those feats. #Nothing good come easy my dear.
The life of a freelance writer is simple,
you don’t rely on a monthly salary before you pay off bills, I stopped
disturbing my parents for money to incur on buying books while in school, you
can have as many as possible clients whom you work for simultaneously without
one affecting the other, you can get your writing job done even at the comfort
of your sitting room and many more. The life of a freelancer is just beautiful.
I’m really proud to be one!
However, those important factors that make
the life of a freelancer unique shall be discussed in the second part of this
article. Watch out!

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