I wrote in the volume 1 of this article that, if you are to go freelance as a potential writer, you can get your writing job done even at the comfort of your sitting room without any query or none to complain of your absence at work. However, there are more to it which I shall unravel, soonest, what actually the life of a freelancer is. You can lose that your tie and off your shoes once you’ve gone freelance for nobody will question your dress sense. Don’t you suppose to be an online entrepreneur?

The real and true color of what life tends to look like when you’re a freelancer are as follows:

The real and true color of what life tends to look like when you’re a freelancer are as follows:

You’re simply your own boss.
You need to get this right. Life as a freelancer means you are subject to the control of nobody, you are simply your own boss, even, your client doesn’t have the jurisdiction to dictate for you especially when his project wouldn’t pay you, you’ve got every right to decline such project. Your ability to decide on yourself on which client to pitch and which to not without having any difficulties simp means you are the man- you are the boss!

The uncommon privilege of a freelance writer to reject a deal that will cost him more time and energy and at the end yield to nothing can never be matched if you are working as an employee. More to that, you will have time for yourself, family and friends at any point in time, Monday to Friday inclusive. You can just feel like going to the beach with a friend one afternoon or decide to crush around the town, so far you don’t have any unfinished projects or better still, you can use the whole night to finish them up, who cares?… That’s my own style of doing it. I attend classes in the day and I write in the cool hours of the night, sound cool, right?

No regular dress code
Another interesting thing in the life of a freelance writer is that pyjamas could be your office wear. Isn’t where you can place your system your office? If so, what’s the use of dressing corporate every now and then when your client major concern is a plagiarized-free article with the necessary keywords that will generate more traffic to his site. As a reputable freelancer, you can give out your suit, hat, and shoes, so far you are with your laptop couple with coffee or drinks to cool your nerves you can do your freelancing job with any dress of your choice. You are covered! This is such an incredible privilege of working from home. Freelance job is just too sweet.

No working day, no free day- Always on duty!
Freelancer doesn’t have problem of rushing out for office at the helm of five o’clock in the morning just to avoid the early morning traffic because they are always at work. Though, you may be your own boss and your living room could be yourr office, but irrespective of where you are or what you are doing, you’ve always got to be at the stand by mode. This is as a result of the nature of the online business. You may need to pick up your phone at the expense of your client want, even if you are using the restroom, replying your email messages at the viewing center, busy with your fingernails on your laptop at get together dinner and all sorts. This is never an inconvenience rather the modules operandi of a freelance writing gig.

Conclusively, freelance writing job is a great opportunity for one, as a writer, to lead and live a happier life. You just need to discipline yourself and most of all, be humble! Ensure you only accept offers that pays and you can do pretty well on. With this, mountain Everest could be moved.

Lastly, now that you’ve known what it means to be a freelance writer and you’ve read and digest the truth about the life of a freelancer, what is next for you now? I will like to hear your response to this in the comment box below.

Do you think you need something more on the life of a freelancer or you want to know the step to follow in getting the career as a freelancer off the ground? Let me know quickly and I’m always at your disposal.

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