WAAW Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship 2024

The WAAW (Working to Advance STEM Education for African Women) Foundation announced its 2023/2024 undergraduate scholarship program, dedicated to empowering young African women to pursue their educational dreams in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and STEM-related fields​​. This scholarship program is specifically designed to enable female college students in Africa to focus on achieving their academic goals in STEM-related courses. Additionally, it encourages recipients to give back to their communities and promote the engagement of women in STEM through the STEM Outreach Chapter at their universities​​.

For the 2024 academic year, the WAAW Foundation is inviting applications for its scholarship program. This scholarship is open to female students from African countries, supporting studies towards any qualifications within the STEM-related fields​​. The scholarship program offers a one-time award of $500 to support young African women pursuing STEM education at the undergraduate level. This financial support is aimed at assisting students in covering educational expenses, allowing them to concentrate fully on their studies​​.

The scholarships are offered annually and are available to need-based female African students who are admitted to a university, college, or institute of higher learning in Africa. The application deadline for the 2024 scholarship program is 17th November 2023, and it is open to young women from all African countries​​.

The WAAW Foundation’s scholarship program represents a significant opportunity for young African women to advance in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, fields where they have historically been underrepresented. By supporting their education, the Foundation not only empowers individual women but also contributes to the broader goal of gender equality in STEM fields across the African continent.

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