Why is My Mobile Data Not Working On My Samsung? How to Fix it (Updated 2024)

Guest Post by Abubakar Mika’ilu Datti

Why is my mobile data not working on my Samsung? Such is the question some of our visitors have been asking in our forum. So today, we will answer and aslo provide a lasting solution to that.

You might find yourself in a dreadful situation where your mobile data is not working on your Samsung device, be it your Samsung tablet or your mobile phone. 

Well, that could result from some reasons, which might be either your phone’s fault or your mobile network provider’s. 

However, it is better to do a DIY checkup before contacting your network carrier support or phone repair person. 

Why is My Mobile Data Not Working On My Samsung?

Why Is My Mobile Data Not Working on my Samsung?

When a Samsung smartphone experiences issues with mobile data, it’s frequently due to specific settings or modes being incorrectly configured. 

For instance, inadvertently enabling Airplane Mode or selecting inappropriate settings after switching to a new mobile carrier can disrupt data connectivity. 

Additionally, a malfunctioning or damaged SIM card might be the culprit for the device’s failure to establish a proper network connection. 

Cellular network outages, too, can significantly hinder a Samsung smartphone’s ability to connect to mobile data services.

How to Fix No Mobile Data on a Samsung

Here is a list of things you should do to check why your mobile data is not working and how to fix them:

1. Check data plan

the first thing you need to do when your mobile data is not working is to check whether your data plan is active or whether it has expired. Normally, your mobile carrier will send you an SMS when your data is exhausted or expired, but if they don’t, you can dial the code your network provider uses to check whether your data plan is still active.

2. Turning off airplane mode

If your phone is in this mode, your mobile data will never work; it will disconnect your phone from any WiFi or mobile network except Bluetooth. You have to remove your phone from airplane mode for data to work.

3. Turn Off WiFi


some Samsung devices disable your mobile network once your WiFi is active. To solve this, you must disconnect your WiFi to continue using your mobile data.

4. Use the Flight Mode trick

one of the unspoken rules of fixing a bad network is removing your phone from flight mode for a few seconds. This has been widely known to fix mobile network issues and should not be overlooked.

5. Restart your phone

another old trick in the book is to restart your phone whenever you have a problem with your mobile data. This trick also works when you’re having problems with some applications on your phone. 

6. Update your Samsung

Sometimes, your phone needs to be updated to the most recent version of the operating system to work perfectly, and not updating it might make it misbehave. You can do this by going to “Settings”>”Software update”>”Download and install”

7. Cellular Provider Issues

Network providers are known to carry out upgrades to their systems occasionally, and connectivity issues may be experienced during these upgrades. If that’s the case, the only thing to do is to connect to another network provider temporarily until the update to your network is done. 

8. Removing and inserting a SIM card

just like the airplane mode trick, sometimes all you need to do is remove and put your SIM card back in your Samsung device. 

9. Replacing a damaged SIM card

if you’re still using a physical SIM card, damage to it will probably make it start giving you connectivity problems, which means you will likely have to replace it to get a better data connection. 

10.  Switch your connection manually

data roaming

if you’re using a 4G LTE or 5G connection and it’s giving you issues, switching manually to 3G UMTS or CMDA might fix it for you.


How do I check how much mobile data I’ve used?

There are two main ways to check your mobile data usage: directly on your phone or by logging into your carrier’s website. Checking on your phone gives you a quick view of your individual data usage. 

Most smartphones have a data usage section in their settings. However, if you are part of a family plan and want to see the overall data usage for the entire family, the best way is to log into your carrier’s website. 

Is mobile data different from hotspot data?

The distinction between mobile data and hotspots can be both clear and blurred, depending on your carrier’s policies. Essentially, when you use your phone’s mobile data directly, it’s considered regular mobile data. 

However, when you enable your phone’s hotspot feature to share its data connection with other devices (like a computer or tablet), this is often categorized differently by carriers. 

Many carriers treat hotspot data separately and may have specific limits or rules for its usage, which can be distinct from the general mobile data limits on your plan. This difference is important to understand, as you might need to monitor your hotspot usage separately to avoid exceeding your plan’s limits. 

Learning how to efficiently use data when connected to a hotspot can also help you avoid unnecessary charges or speed throttling.

What happens if I exceed my mobile data limit?

If you exceed your mobile data limit, several things might happen depending on your carrier’s policy. Some carriers may charge you extra for the additional data used, others may throttle (slow down) your internet speed until your next billing cycle starts, and some offer ‘data top-ups’ for an additional fee to maintain your regular speed. It’s essential to know your carrier’s specific policy regarding data overages to avoid unexpected charges or reduced service.

Can I use my mobile data while traveling abroad?

Yes, you can use your mobile data while traveling abroad, but it often comes with significantly higher charges, known as roaming fees. Some carriers offer international plans or packages that reduce these costs. 

It’s advisable to check with your carrier before traveling to understand the fees involved and consider purchasing a local SIM card in the country you are visiting for more affordable data access.

How can I reduce my mobile data usage?

To reduce your mobile data usage, consider the following tips: use Wi-Fi whenever possible, especially for data-heavy activities like streaming videos or downloading large files; adjust app settings to limit background data usage; use data compression tools or browsers; regularly monitor your data usage to identify which apps use the most data; and disable mobile data when not in use.

Does using a VPN on my phone affect mobile data usage?

Using a VPN on your phone does not significantly increase data usage. However, it can slightly increase due to the encryption process, which adds extra data packets. This increase is usually not substantial, but if you’re close to your data limit, it’s something to be aware of.

Can I set a data limit on my Samsung phone to avoid overusing mobile data?

Yes, most Samsung smartphones allow you to set a data limit. You can do this in the settings under the ‘Connections’ or ‘Data Usage’ menu. Here, you can set a data warning and a data limit that will turn off mobile data automatically when reached, helping you avoid exceeding your plan’s data allowance.

Why does hotspot data run out faster than regular mobile data?

Hotspot data may run out faster because devices connected to your hotspot typically use data more intensively. For example, laptops and tablets often update software, sync large files, and stream high-quality videos, which consume more data than typical smartphone usage. Additionally, if multiple devices are connected to the hotspot, the combined data usage can accumulate quickly.

Conclusion: Why Is My Mobile Data Not Working on my Samsung?

Mobile data issues on a Samsung device can stem from various sources, ranging from simple network coverage problems to complex software glitches. 

By methodically troubleshooting, starting with the simplest solutions and working towards the more complex ones, you can often resolve these issues yourself.

If, despite the above possible problems and their solutions, you continue to experience mobile data, you might want to consider taking your phone to a repair center to check your phone for hardware problems as it might be the reason why your mobile data is not working on your Samsung.

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