Why Your Site Is Not Rank High On Search Engine

Ever wonder why your site is not ranking on search engine despite all your efforts?

Well, I’ll be sharing with you the common reasons behind such failure and what you should put in place for your site to be back on track.

 Let’s do this together!

1. You de-index your site on Google
This is simple and straightforward. There’s no magic you can do to be ranked on Google if your website is not indexed. This may be as a result of the fact that  you mistakenly de-indexed it.

Also, your website may not be indexed if Google is yet to crawl into  it- This is the case for new sites, most especially, those with no adequate posting.

Similarly, you can make speed things up by submitting your sitemap through the Google Webmaster Tools and you can also get traffics by sharing your posts on social media outlets.

2. Your content sucks
There are some content that are not value driven as such chase away potential visitors. This type of content is usually published by webmasters who believe that publishing every now and then is important, so, they’ll keep publishing articles without any regard to unique, quality and value-driven ones.

3. You lack on-page #SEO knowledge
On-page SEO is also an important factor to consider if you want your site to be seriously ranked. On-page optimization requires your keywords to be properly use in your content. Always let your content move naturally along with phrases and related keywords.

4. Your site isn’t mobile-friendly.
Ever since the introduction of Google “Mobilegeddon”, mobile-friendly or usability had became an essential ranking factor. If your site is not rank on Google or your ranking drop down, then design your website in a manner that it will be easy to navigate with the use of mobile devices.

5 .Faint Keywords knowledge
You probably have heard about the assertion that “keyword is the king”, yes, so true but targeting a competitive keywords sometimes affect search results.

Why don’t you select the best keywords that can feasibly rank your site?

As a newbie with no resources or experience, it wouldn’t look good on your site if you are targeting  competitive keywords.

Start with easier keywords and when your site grow with larger audience, you can expand your wings by aiming at the most competitive keywords.

In the long run, I hope by now you’ve know why your site is having difficulty in search engine ranking. Do check which category you fall in to and do the needful Asap.

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